Month: October 2015

The Longest Ride

“She had a great eye for talent, but I only had eyes for her.”

-Ira Levinson  (The Longest Ride by Nicholas Spark)


How do I begin?

A  simple  interrogative sentence with a          B      I       G 

question     ?      mark  ____ on my H  E A  D

“Simula” is a tagalog word for “Beginning”.

How do I begin?

I tilt my head upward and gaze upon the ocean of clouds.

I said to myself: “The sky looks so brightI just gotta wear my shades.”

As I step one foot on the road, I heard a splash of liquid. I looked down and saw a mirror image of a man who is wearing more than just one shade.

How do I begin?

Well, I have just begun.

in this SI-MU-LA,  i have just shared some of my shades.